Car Recalls: Chrysler, Toyota, and PACCAR Among 1 Million Vehicles Recalled

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has issued multiple recalls, affecting over one million vehicles. Let’s dive into the details:


Chrysler Recalls for Malfunctioning Rear Cameras

Chrysler is recalling a staggering 1,033,433 vehicles due to issues with their rear cameras. These cameras are essential for safe reversing and parking. If your Chrysler vehicle is affected, you’ll want to take action promptly.

Models Affected: Various Chrysler models (check the NHTSA database for specifics).

Action: Owners should contact their local Chrysler dealerships for inspection and necessary repairs.

  1. Toyota’s Camera Defect Recall
    • Toyota is recalling 13,000 cars equipped with rearview cameras. The defect increases the risk of hitting pedestrians due to faulty camera functionality.
    • Models Affected: Specific Toyota models (refer to the NHTSA report).
    • Action: Toyota dealerships will inspect and replace the rearview cameras at no cost.

PACCAR’s Truck Recall

PACCAR, a major commercial truck manufacturer, is recalling 3,887 trucks. The issue lies in the tie rod or drag link assembly, which may contain an improperly heat-treated ball stud. A broken ball stud can lead to loss of steering control.

Affected Vehicles:

Kenworth: K270, K370, T280, T380, T480, T680, T880, W900, W990

Peterbilt: 220, 536, 537, 548, 567, 579, 589

Action: Owners should avoid driving affected trucks until repairs are completed. Dealerships will inspect and replace the tie rod and drag link assemblies.

Notification: Expect letters by August 11, and contact Kenworth or Peterbilt customer service for assistance.

Remember, safety comes first. If your vehicle is part of any recall, take action promptly to ensure your well-being and that of others on the road. You can also check the USA TODAY automotive recall database or search the NHTSA database using your vehicle identification number (VIN) for additional information1. Stay informed and drive safely! 🚗💨

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