2022 Nissan Sentra Specs And Features

1. Engine The engine is located at the front of the car and is responsible for propelling the vehicle forward.

2. Transmission The transmission converts the force of the engine's motion into rotational motion.

3. Chassi The chassis is the frame of the vehicle. It holds everything together and provides structural integrity.

4. Brake The brakes slow down the vehicle by converting kinetic energy (the energy created by movement) into thermal energy (heat).

5. Steering Wheel The steering wheel is attached to the chassis and turns left and right. Turning the wheel steers the vehicle.

6. Wheel Wheels are connected to the suspension system and provide traction. All four tires contact the ground simultaneously; however, only two are visible.

7. Tire Tires are designed to grip the road surface and transmit forces from the road to the chassis.

8. Fuel Type Gasoline fuel is used.