2022 Polestar 2 Electric Vehicle USA Reviews

The performance was great! I actually didn't get any major issues with my setup. 

There were some minor issues like bugs crawling on the side touch screen (which only happened once) and some glitches with the speakers which I fixed myself. 

I really liked the design of the car. It's sleek, stylish, and modern. The build quality was good.  

There aren't many safety features built in. There is a blind spot monitoring system that warns you if there's something in front of your car.  

It handles well. It feels stable and confident. In fact, I actually prefer driving this over the Audi Q5. 

It feels spacious inside. I could fit 4 kids in the backseat comfortably. Not sure how much cargo space you'll get though. 

The seat itself is comfortable. It supports your back perfectly. I'm 6' tall and 250lbs. 

The interior is beautiful. It looks futuristic. It's clean, organized, and classy.