Ford F-150 Versus Chevy Silverado 1500 Comparison

The Ford F-Series is a full size pick up truck. Its engine range includes V8 engines ranging from 5.0L to 6.2L. 

The Silverado 1500 has a similar engine range including V8 engines ranging from 4.3L to 6.6L. 

Both vehicles have a standard transmission option of either a six speed manual or automatic transmission. 

Both models have a standard cab style and bed design. 

The F-150 has a longer wheelbase than the Silverado. 

The F-150 offers a wider variety of exterior colors than the Silverado. 

The F-150 has a larger engine capacity than the Silverado. 

A typical engine for both vehicles is a 5.0L V8 engine. 

The F-150's engine produces approximately 300 horsepower while the Silverado's engine produces about 260 horsepower. 

Prices for the F-150 start at $26,000 for a base model. The price ranges from $28,000-$40,000 depending on options chosen. 

The Silverado starts at $27,500 for a base model. Prices range from $29,500-$45,000 depending on options selected. 

The Silverado has a typical mileage of 13 mpg in city driving and 18 mpg in highway driving according to the EPA. 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) gives the F-150 a five star safety rating.